NEON is an award winning design practice that seeks to explore new territories between architecture, design and art.

For NEON, design is a process of invention and discovery that grows from the client, the brief and the social, economic and technological environment. We work without preconceptions to analyse each brief independently in order to ascertain its unique opportunities and challenges and create a design that is often surprising but always relevant.

We believe design has the ability to enrich people’s lives. We are passionate about creating places, spaces and objects that enliven every day experiences.  

Our goal is always to design projects that are not just beautiful and intriguing forms but which also facilitate engaging, sensory and emotional experiences. This philosophy extends to everything that we produce, from small pieces of furniture to large public buildings.

We are particularly experienced at producing public projects at an urban scale that engage with the public, transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and create moments of surprise and excitement. Our work is often designed to initiate an emotional response, to stop people in their tracks and to break the monotony of the everyday.