Client : English Heritage / Hadrian's Cavalry
Location : Chesters Roman Fort, Nothumberland
Status : Completed 2017
Engineers : Elliott Wood
Fabrication : Caesarcraft
Photography : Lightly Frozen

While now tranquil and beautiful, around 1,600 years ago Chester’s Roman Fort used to be home to a 500 horse cavalry. The Cavalry allowed the Romans to move across the landscape at greater speed and for further than previously possible. When visiting a site like this, It can be difficult to make a connection between the preserved walls of the Roman cavalry fort and the powerful mounted troops based here.

 “Cavalry 360°” is a vast site specific musical instrument which uses the force of the wind to create the sound of the cavalry moving across the landscape beyond. The piece creates an equine soundscape as a means of evoking the imagination of the viewer to fill in the gaps. The circular form creates an experience much like being in a room with a surround sound stereo system where the soundscape is constantly altering in direction and rhythm.