Client: Miss Selfridge
Location: Oxford Circus, London
Status: Completed 2017
Technical Consultant: Do While
Fabrication: Caesarcraft
Photography: Jamie James

NEON worked with the creative team at Miss Selfridge to design and deliver their window scheme for their flagship store on Oxford Circus for Christmas 2017.  The Miss Selfridge theme for their frontage was "glitter" and the installation was developed to simulate the movement of glitter suspended in mid-air. 

The project achieves the effect using thousands of independently controlled leds combined with strips of two way mirror. Mirror is used in the ceiling to suggest that the glitter continues above the extent of the window. The Miss Selfridge flagship has 3 windows which were all utilised in the artwork. The light sequences in the window are designed to suggest the glitter transfers from one window space to the next, this unifies the entire frontage of the store into a cohesive whole. 

We worked with the team at Do While to realise the scheme who specified 132x 2.8M addressable RGBW LED strips networked to create a deconstructed video wall. Pixel mapping was achieved utilising MadMapper and a Mac mini, the data was transmitted to Smart Show NetWS-2048 modules using ArtNet.