Client : St William, Pump House Gallery, Wandsworth Council, Dallas - Pierce - Quintero
Location : Battersea Park, London
Status : Completed 2017
Engineers : Elliott Wood
Partners : Enable Leisure and Culture, Ground Construction Limited, Idverde, Chestnut Grove Academy, Naylor Drainage, Parker Tools, Pentre Group, Scaffolding Direct, SWR Group
Photography : Jamie James Films

Pump House Pavilion was a collaboration between NEON, engineering practice Elliott Wood and Chestnut Grove academy in Balham.

The pavilion imagines that  the pipes that used to flow underground from the Pump House to Battersea Park have been pulled above ground creating a wildly undulating architectural space. The pavilion is entered through 5 large arches which reference the iconic front entrance of the Pump House. Pipes are alternated between yellow and blue to create a hypnotic “op-art” effect, intended to lure the public into the pavilion. The pavilion uses off the shelf scaffold and flexible ducting pushing conventional, everyday materials to their limits.