Client: Topshop
Location: Broadway, New York / Oxford Circus, London
Status: Built 2014

Located on Broadway in New York and Oxford Circus in London, The Pyramids of NY-LON are two contemporary interpretations of one of the oldest and most basic of architectural geometries. The pieces, which were installed in the same week on opposite sides of the Atlantic, are a physical representation of the connection between Topshop’s flagship stores in the US and UK. Although unified by their strong geometric form, each pyramid is in fact unique and designed to respond to the technical challenges of each location and represent the distinctive character of each city. Both Pyramids are inverted and hung from the ceiling, hovering a few inches above a mirrored floor.


Constructed from 28 individual welded steel pyramids bolted together to create a unified whole, the London pyramid protrudes out from the window recess into the store.  It is clad in a light weight skin formed from over 300 individual plastic scales which fan out from the exterior to the apex.

New York

The New York piece is formed from over 180 individual pyramids constructed from folded sheets of laser cut polypropylene. The pyramids are identical in size but vary in structure depending upon their location within the larger structure, with heavier, more solid versions in the centre of the form and lighter versions at the extremities. The individual pyramids are joined together with nylon screws and the completed structure measures 3m in height and 5.5m in length, weighing just 25kg.