Client: RIBA
Location: Kensington Olympia, London
Status: Built 2014
Fabrication: Windsor Workshop
Printing: Bestwick Printing
Sponsorship: Herman Miller, Equisys, Ordinance Survey
Photography: Luke Brown

NEON's design for the RIBA Visitor’s Lounge at the 2014 MIPIM UK property trade show takes the form of an exaggerated architectural pin-up. The sculptural interior space is formed primarily from hundreds of A1 black and white architectural images taken from the RIBA archive. Work by renowned architects such as Goldfinger, Le Corbusier and Lutchens was featured alongside submissions from present day RIBA practices. These images reveal the history of the RIBA and its members throughout its existence, creating a fascinating talking point for delegates. 

The lounge is conceived as an immersive, all-encompassing environment, which acts to create a sense of separation between the inhabitant and the busy environment of the trade show. Drawings radiate outwards from the centre of the space and all images face inwards, creating a stimulating 360 degree experience. In addition to the main sculpted space, banners along the perimeter hang low, creating small pockets of more private space for delegates to hold discussions. 

An exhibition of the 2014 Stirling Prize nominees along with sponsors’ logos were printed in colour and displayed on A1 banners, integrating seamlessly into the scheme. NEON employed the use of colour as a mechanism to draw the eye and highlight these elements. The furniture, provided by Herman Miller, was limited to a red and white palette, matching the colour of the RIBA logo and contrasting against the black and white banners

The use of paper as the main building material ensured that the design offered maximum effect for minimum means. 

The lounge was captured in a 3D Scan by Maltby’s as part of an exploration into the use of such technologies to immortalise temporary installations in digital form.

NEON was chosen to design the RIBA Visitor’s Lounge after winning an open call for “a creative and ingenious practice.” The lounge was built for the inaugural MIPIM UK property trade show which took place at Kensington Olympia’s main hall from the 15thto the 17th of October, 2014.