Client: Hilton / THAT Group
Location: Bournemouth
Status: Completed 2015

"Shoal" takes the simple and recognisable motif of the fish and uses it to create movement and animate the retaining walls of Bournemouth's newly built Hilton Hotel.

Much like a fish's gills, colours which relate to the building's facade are hidden behind a curved, shiny, outer skin, and are then revealed as passers by move along the wall. 

Each fish is constructed using 2 layers of 3mm steel. The outer piece has a dull polish finish and has been given a curved profile which shimmers in the light as well as casting shadows across the wall. The inner piece is finished in a PAC 3 paint.

Flows of fish respond loosely to the constraints of the retaining wall they sit on. The fish are designed to give the retaining walls directionality, encouraging the visitors to the hotel to move along the wall.

The project was designed as part of an extensive community consultation process which saw NEON develop 5 different designs for consideration. The scheme was developed with a team involving a public arts consultant, the client, the contractor and a group of planning officers.