Client: Southwark Young Pilgrims
Location: London Bridge
Status: Competition 2014

NEON’s proposal for the Southwark Young Pilgrim Kiosk seeks to attract and subtly entice people into interaction with the Young Pilgrims through the use of telescopically extendable clipboards holding flyers. The extending arms will act to engage people visually then leading them in towards the core of the kiosk where they may engage in verbal interaction with the Young Pilgrims. The radical and changable form is designed to standout and attract attention in this busy urban setting as well as providing inspiration for the Young Pilgrims who gain experience there.

The Kiosk is able to adapt to different sites, tourist levels as well as performing different functions (see diagrams right). The Kiosk shrinks down and closes up through hinging the units to allow for easy transportation and storage off site.

The information displayed on the clipboards can be changed from day to day to show different sights in London, describe the rold of the Southwark Young Pilgrims or display sponsor information.