Client : Topshop
Location : Oxford Circus, London
Status : Completed 2013
Fabricator : Studio Xag
Photography : Agnese Sanvito

The Regent Street Windows project, organised by the RIBA, seeks to unite cutting edge architecture practices with some of the world’s leading retail brands to create unusual collaborative work.

Our first collaboration with Topshop reinterpreted the ever-present window to showcase the full range of Topshop’s spring collection. The result is a spinning colour wheel that highlights different merchandise over the course of the week, whilst simultaneously allowing the full colour range of the season to be viewed in a surreal dance above customer’s heads.

By using Topshop’s existing mannequins and clothes as a large part of the installation, Topshop were able to maximise their available budget. There are 14 spokes to the wheel. which means the wheel can be rotated twice a day to highlight a different outfit chosen by the store. Once a week the merchandise was changed entirely so that a new colour spectrum could be displayed. This meant that the character of the installation could change over the duration of the Regents Street Window Project.